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Quality and Tradition since 1948
KOLIOS S.A. Greek Dairy specialises in the production of excellent quality cheese products since 1948. As one of the most dynamic Greek food companies and one of the best equipped dairies in Europe, KOLIOS holds a leading position in Greek cheese production and in Feta P.D.O. exports.


More than 70 years of excellence

KOLIOS Greek Dairy, Quality & Tradition since 1948

Authentic Greek Taste since 1948

Thank you for accessing the homepage of KOLIOS S.A. Greek Dairy, a company of great tradition and 70 years of presence in the Greek dairy and milk industry.

Discover the big family of our delicious products: Feta cheese of Protected Designation of Origin, bio-organic Feta, barrel aged Feta and other exquisite Greek cheeses from sheep’s, goat’s or cow’s milk.
Find out more about the history and tradition of KOLIOS, our unconditional commitment to quality, our awards, the excellent raw material, our quality certificates, our export activities, our vision and our values.
View the latest news of the company and discover tasty recipes for your daily delight!
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Our Heritage

KOLIOS S.A. Greek Dairy specialises in the production of excellent quality cheese & yogurt products since 1948.


The quality commitment of KOLIOS has been decorated by winning numerous prestigious quality awards.

Quality management

The Total Quality Assurance System of KOLIOS is certified according to the strictest international standards.


KOLIOS products are exported to 50 countries to the biggest retail stores worldwide.

Focus on quality

We at KOLIOS produce dairy products of a constantly high and safe quality and excellent taste and distribute them in many countries. We operate based on a four generation long tradition of cheese making and on a strong quality commitment, focusing on the needs and expectations of the end consumers.

Our Brands

Explore our ranges of traditional Greek cheeses and yogurts of unsurpassed flavour and excellent taste.

Eyes on the Future
with inspiration & vision values

Our vision is to use the great tradition of KOLIOS and our knowledge of cheese making,
in order to gain continuously more and more fans of FETA P.D.O. and other Greek quality cheeses and Greek Yogurts among consumers all over the world,
spreading not only the Greek dairy products, but also the Mediterranean nutrition and the Greek culture.